We Love Young People!

Meet Our Youth Minister

With endless energy and enthusiasm, Mitch Lasseter really keeps thing stirred up.  Our youth group has grown substantially this past year.

Friends Who Are True Friends

It's no secret:  having the right friends is the key to surviving teen-age years.  Our youth love, play and pray together.

Wednesday nights

Free meal, big fun, deep conversation, recharge for the rest of the week.  It begins each Wednesday evening at 5:17ppm.

Sunday Mornings

We break things down into a smaller group.  We cover Bible knowledge important for the future, and how it applies to you.

Highland Lakes

Our home away from home.  We use this amazing place for Camp, Hot Hearts and meetings, then go help build something there.

What's this week?

There's always something happening.  Come be a part!

I Want to Talk to Mitch!

Good, no-nonsense answers to whatever you are facing, whether it's large or small.  He's a good guy to know!

Put Me in Touch with Mitch